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Hi! I’m Jonathan!

The Binge Dietitian

Jonathan Sumner

Whilst there’s the word ‘diet’ in my title, I am the farthest thing from that! I will teach you how ‘anti-dieting’ will end your 24/7 hunger, never-ending cravings, and binge episodes! 


If you want to learn more about me and my personal story with binge eating click here!

I’m not a dietitian that will try to keep you coming back to me again – I’ll equip you with mindset changes and skills to be your own expert of your own recovery with the goal of you being your own ‘binge-recovery dietitian’!

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It’s time to put your foot down to never-ending yo-yo dieting…

Here’s How I Can Help

Binge Freedom Online Course

Prefer to DIY your binge eating recovery? I got you covered. In my self-guided online course, I cover everything you need to know and all the tools needed to reach food freedom. 

Included are 10 Modules, 49 lessons comprising of videos, articles, quizzes, reflection, and worksheets. 

Grab yourself a up of coffee and get started!

Individual Coaching

Looking for individualised help? Then one-to-one individual coaching is for you! Let’s work together and put an end to binge eating for good.

Group Coaching

Ready to break through binge eating once and for all? Feel like you would benefit from working together as a group? Then group coaching is for you!

This is a 12 week coaching programme consisting of a combination of working through course work AND live group calls with Jonathan. 

If you feel that you prefer free support,

Join the Binge Recovery Community Facebook page here! 

“After working with Jonathan, I started to slowly build up this confidence around the foods I love and not to lose control over them.
I'm now binge free and I cannot explain how much it means to me!

“I initially booked a call because I have a 4-year-old girl and I don't want her to follow or see me binge eating or not eating much of her birthday cakes! Not just for my girl, but for me, I choose what pretty dresses I want to wear, I am confident on the beach whether I've eaten before or after, and I am not controlled by food controlling my life! I am truly grateful, thank you so much, Jonathan.”

— Melissa Paige, Private Coaching Client