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Can you remember the last time you enjoyed a whole day without worrying about food?

Binge dietitian about me

Hi! I’m Jonathan, a UK registered dietitian to help you improve your relationship with food, body image issues, and reframing your mind to support reducing binge eating episode AND still keep all the foods you love (Yes, it’s very possible!)

Through 1:1 online coaching and group coaching programmes (coming soon!), I can support you to reach your goals.

If your goals are food freedom, a better relationship with exercise and food, and an improved body image then you’re in the right place!

Ready to unlearn disordered behaviours, help make peace with food and fall back in love with your body?

Binge Dietitian Podcast

binge dietitian podcast

If you’re in recovery from binge eating disorder, disordered eating or compulsive overeating, then this podcast is for you.


Each episode of Binge Dietitian podcast will give you practical tools and tips to help you ditch rigid food rules, recover your period, eat without guilt, and heal your relationship with exercise.

Look out for special podcast guests to share their personal recovery journey with their struggles with their body image and relationship with food and the skills they share that have helped them recover

Binge Freedom Group Coaching

Are you tired of constantly battling with food cravings and feeling out of control around certain foods?

Do you want to learn how in a group setting?

If so, then my group coaching programme is perfect for you!

I understand the struggle of feeling trapped in unhealthy eating patterns and the frustration that comes with failed attempts to change.

That’s why I’ve developed a proven system that will help you heal your relationship with food and reduce your binge eating episodes with dietary education and guided support

By joining my group coaching programme, you’ll gain access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goal. 

Let’s work together to help transform your relationship with food and live your best life!