Are you unable to escape binge-eating? Want food freedom?


 Finally be free from food controlling your mind and your life 


Learn why you're still binge-eating and how to stop:

Yes, I want to become Binge-Free for good!

Is This You Now?

  • Constantly on a binge-restrict cycle?
  • Always thinking about food?
  • Constantly jumping from diet to diet?
  • Trying to be 'healthy' during the day but binge at night?
  • Scared you'll never be able to stop bingeing for the rest of your life?

Is This Where You Want to Be?

Free from binge eating for good

  • Eating without restrictions 
  • Enjoying foods you once feared without guilt
  • Saying 'Yes' to seconds without guilt and 'Yes' to life
  • No longer obsessed with food and weight loss
I want to join the Binge-No-More Masterclass!

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Jonathan Sumner and I am your binge eating recovery dietitian.

I have personally struggled with disordered eating  

Today, I am now binge-free, I enjoy my meals and snacks without guilt, eat whatever and whenever I feel like, enjoy my workouts in the gym with all the energy I have now, and am very happy and content with my body.

You can reach this too and I will guide you through every step for recovery. Recovery of binge-eating is possible. It’s about getting out of that destructive, exhausting cycle

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