#20 – ‘I’m Eating the Foods i Crave But I’m Still Bingeing’ – What to Do

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One of the key points to reduce your binge episodes is to start to give yourself permission to eat the foods you crave – these could be your trigger foods, binge foods, or the foods you enjoy but you have been restricting them. But what if you are having them already but you still find yourself binge eating? This is likely because there is still restriction lurking in the background Here are the 3 tips I would want you to review if you’re having the foods you crave but you’re still bingeing
1. Are you still experiencing physical restriction? Are you skipping meals intentionally? Are you eating every 3-4 hours? This could look like having breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, and your dinner consistently – yes even if you binge try to get back on track with regular eating!
2. Are you weighing yourself more than once a week? Weighing ourselves more than once a week or actually at all, can make us lose sight of what true binge eating recovery progress looks like.
3. Are you still setting diet rules? Do you tell yourself that you should avoid bad foods and eat only good foods especially after a binge? Do you set promises or strict goals that you’ll work harder to follow your strict diet? Diet rules contribute to a restriction mentality which can later on down the line make us have an increased craving to binge.

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