#42 – The Journey From Orthorexia (Obsessive ‘Clean’ eating) to a Finding Food Freedom with Mallory Page (@MalloryJPage)

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Do you have a mindset of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ foods and tend to avoid all the ‘bad’ foods which most people would say are pizzas, cakes, brownies, cookies? Registered Dietitian Mallory who I’ve been following since her Youtube days when I was a student shares how being too obsessive with good vs bad foods can lead you into a rabbit hole towards ‘Orthorexia’, the obsession with ‘clean’ eating.
In this episode we discuss: – Mallory’s vulnerable story with how she gained orthorexic habits and what she did to escape these obsessive thoughts around fearing foods we all have known to live – Actionable tips you can start to get rid of good vs bad food mentality to and to find balance – We talk briefly about a popular Youtuber who struggled with Anorexia and how can we approach speaking to people gently who are struggling with eating disorders Check Mallory’s Links! Instagram: @Malloryjpage Mallory’s Seems Like Diet Culture Podcast

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