Are You Ready to Put An End to Binge Eating?

Do you want to learn how to finally feel ‘normal’ around food and not lose control whenever you take a bite of something you love…again and again?

Then my Binge Freedom Course is For You!

If your binges don’t reduce after 14 days + you keep the course and get a 100% guaranteed refund
Delivered by Jonathan Sumner, Binge Eating Recovery Dietitian

You’re ready to put your foot down after your recent binge


You’re feeling determined to lose weight…


But you’ve tried different diets, meal plans, you have a gym membership


And somehow still, there’s doubt that you might end up bingeing again…


Your Head is Drowning in Thoughts, Like:


‘I just want to lose weight but why is nothing working?’

‘Am I broken?’

‘I can’t end binge eating because I’m just lazy unlike other recovered binge eaters?’

‘Why are hundreds to thousands of people in the world recovering from binge eating every day whilst I just can’t find a way out after struggling for years??’

‘I’ve tried every diet plan under the sun and what makes this programme different?’

What if I End Up Bingeing Again?


Don’t worry, I get it – I’ve been there. 

I know what it’s like to feel like you can’t even trust yourself anymore around foods you love

It’s a battlefield in your mind – every single meal time

On top of feeling mentally exhausted,

  • You still feel like you have to try harder
  • You still feel like you have to diet to make up for your recent binge
  • You still feel like you have to end binge eating and lose weight for your health

If you’re ready to ACTUALLY put an end to your binge eating, feel confident with yourself, end never-ending 24/7 food thoughts and just simply be happy, rest assured I am here for you

As a qualified, registered dietitian, my job is to get you to where you want to be and guide you every step of the way

Let’s Explore the Binge Freedom Course Content:

But first, this isn’t a quick-fix programme but:

This self-guided course is written around the CBT-E Framework (Enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy) wherein you will need to take responsibility to complete the reflections, weekly monitoring sheets, daily monitoring sheets, quizzes, and more throughout the self-guided course.

CBT-E has been shown by research to be very highly effective at a self-guided approach in reducing eating-disorder style behaviours, improving self-esteem, and improve self-awareness.

Just because this is a self-guided course does not mean it is a course that will end your binges without putting any effort.

But you’re reading this because you care for yourself

You’re determined to reach happiness and finally be proud of yourself

Let’s Explore the Course Content:

10 Modules, 49 Lessons, Unlimited Access

  • Hour worth of easy-to-understand video content
  • Comprehensive articles on binge eating recovery
  • Includes worksheets, reflections, pdf resources, and quizzes to strengthen knowledge

Imagine Yourself:

  • Bursting with confidence knowing food doesn’t control your life anymore
  • Being equipped that whenever binge urges come, you know why they came and how to stop them
  • Keep any food you want in your house and have no urge to binge
  • Being able to trust your body that no matter what or how much you eat, your body will guide you to comfortable fullness and stop there!
  • No longer having to worry to constantly buy new clothes and trousers because of your weight fluctuating all over the place
  • Just simply being able to feel ‘normal’ around food. 

If you do not take action now, you will:

  • Never be able to re-regulate your hunger and fullness cues
  • Have your self-esteem worsened the more you binge
  • Not be able to experience what being mentally free from food thoughts is like
  • Keep falling back into binge eating and guilt-eating
  • Not be able to develop self-compassion and a healthy relationship with food
  • Likely gain weight even though you try to diet as hard as you can

I understand, because that was me…

Hi, I’m Jonathan a registered dietitian and ex-binger. I understand, because I have struggled and fought the war of binge eating myself for 5 years! I have tried every diet under the sun but always led me to gain weight no matter how much I tried to diet.

I just felt that I was not able to control my hunger! No matter how much I tried to get rid of the binge foods out of my house – Yes I cleared them out of my fridge and cupboards, I still had the urge to order takeaways or even run to the supermarket to buy binge foods!!

I had no control over food – Yes, even though I was a student dietitian back then – training to be an expert with food – food controlled me!

But everything changed once I learned how to re-regulate my hunger and understand WHY we binge eat in the first place!

Now I have 100% freedom and completely no urge to binge! I now: 

  • Can keep whatever foods I want in my house and have no urge to binge
  • Have developed trust that no matter what or how much I eat, my body will guide me to comfortable fullness and I stop there!
  • Feel stronger in my workouts
  • Have no more heartburn or bloating
  • And FINALLY feel normal around food. Food isn’t controlling my life or my thoughts anymore


The Binge Freedom Course is perfect for you if:

  • Feel your weight increasing no matter how hard you diet or try to control your portions
  • You have struggled with compulsive overeating or binge eating
  • Feel that you cannot stop eating past fullness
  • Keep dieting but end up over-consuming food no matter what you do
  • You are burdened by 24/7 food thoughts throughout the day
  • Lose control over sweet foods no matter how much you try to control your urges


The Binge Freedom Course is likely NOT for you if:

  • You stop eating when you are comfortably full no matter what you eat 
  • Your life is not dictated by food
  • You are comfortable trusting and honouring your hunger and fullness
  • You have no food anxiety
  • You can keep any food in your kitchen and have no urge at all to binge eat

14-Day 100% Money-back Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with a guaranteed 14-day money 100% money back guarantee + you keep the course if your binge eating urges still don’t reduce after 14 days!