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1:1 Online Consultations

Feeling sick of binge eating taking control of your life? 

Want guidance to let go of a  ‘conditional’ life? e.g. if I eat enjoy this cake, I have to skip breakfast tomorrow…

Are you in the position to tell yourself ‘Now is the time to put all my guilt, shame, and exhaustion to an end’? But you’re still afraid you might binge again?

Then 1:1 personalised coaching is for you!

At a 1:1 private pace, work with me to focus on a tailored nutritional advice to guide you to help reduce your binge episodes.

Why Work with Me?

Hi my name is Jonathan, a Binge Eating Recovery Dietitian, I struggled with binge eating myself!

I understand because I WAS in your shoes. I was stuck on the binge-diet rollercoaster for years! It consumed my mind 24/7 and it stopped me from living my life to the fullest – Everyday just ended in guilt. I am now binge-free after many years and I want to give you hope that life without bingeing or shame IS POSSIBLE.

What a Life Without Binge Eating Looks Like

  • Zero desire to binge
  • Eating ‘normally’ with total self-trust around old binge foods
  • No longer obsessed with food and weight loss – able to focus on bigger, better things
  • Feeling confident & actually happy again
  • Accepting and even loving your body
Binge dietitian about me

Who is 1:1 Online coaching for?

  • You want guidance on a dietary plan to reduce your binge episodes
  • You feel your weight increasing no matter how hard you diet or try to control your portions
  • Keep dieting but end up over-consuming food no matter what you do
  • You are burdened by 24/7 food thoughts throughout the day
  • Lose control over sweet foods no matter how much you try to control your urges

Who is 1:1 Online coaching NOT for?

  • You have no food anxiety or guilt no matter how much or what kind of foods you eat
  • You stop eating when you are comfortably full no matter what you eat
  • Your life is not dictated by food
  • You can keep any food in your kitchen and have no urge at all to binge eat
  • Your binge eating episodes are causing physical symptoms such as abdominal pain, chest pain, and vomiting – please consult your health care professional

If you have worked with me and would love to share your testimonial, message me in social media (Instagram or email via [email protected]) and I would gladly share your testimony (anonymously or not if you prefer!)

Guidance on how and what to eat to reduce binge urges  + provide evidence-based coping strategies when intense emotions or urges arise whether it is before or after a binge to help disassociate binges with guilt and shame. 

I will also guide you to reframe your mindset around food & weight from a negative experience to a fun, safe, adventurous experience. 

I will also guide you to regain the mindset to live your life not being dictated by food and dieting but rather by you having full control guided by a healthy relationship with food

The consultations and bookings take place in the GDPR-compliant health platform called Healthie. As a healthcare professional, I am bound by confidentiality and I take this very seriously

You can book sessions with me, payments are processed on the platform, records and messages are kept confidentially, and Healthie includes a video calling service wherein we will meet for our consultations.

Consultation bookings can also be integrated with your Google Calendar so you will be reminded of your consultation bookings with me.

I see people of ages over 18 who are struggling with:

  • Binge eating episodes
  • Disordered eating habits
  • Emotional eating
  • Compulsive over-eating

Due to licensure laws (British Dietetic Association), I can see clients around the world except USA and Canada. However my Online 30-Day Reboot Course can be accessed anywhere from the world.

My private 1:1 coaching is for people who have had their quality of life affected by their relationship with food. If food controls your life, you struggle with binge eating, feeling intense guilt after eating foods you love, isolating yourself from social events then the 1:1 private coaching is for you.

If you identify as having a ‘disordered relationship with food’ this 1:1 private coaching is perfect as in the UK the NHS (National Health Service) waiting lists are ~6-12 month wait for a consultation with a dietitian. This is your perfect opportunity to work very closely with a dietitian to help guide you on creating a dietary guide to help reduce binge episodes.

As a licensed healthcare professional, I cannot guarantee this and you should avoid anyone who talks in absolutes! I can guarantee to offer you tried and tested tools and strategies to reduce your binge eating, but I cannot guarantee you will never binge again.