How to put an end to binge eating once and for all to finally be free from the burden of 24/7 food thoughts and guilt

so you can finally be more present with friends, family, and with your own happiness.

Without having to use any willpower, trying another diet, weight loss pills, or expensive meal prep services.

Free Webinar Series: The Hunger Regulation Plan

If you implement the principles of the webinar series, I can promise you that you will be able to:

  • Be comfortable trusting and honouring your hunger and fullness
  • Get rid of food anxiety and 24/7 food thoughts
  • Keep food in your kitchen with no urge at all the binge eat
  • Have full control over food – food will have no power over you

The FREE webinar series are for you if you’ve tried everything to control your hunger from jumping from diet to diet, pills, willpower, expensive meal prep services….but still nothing seems to work.

95% of diets fail and likely end up in binges because of this one reason:

Your hunger hormones are likely ‘broken’

⚠️ If you do not take action now, you will probably:

  • Never be able to re-regulate your hunger and fullness cues
  • Not be able to experience what being mentally free from food thoughts is like
  • Have your self-esteem worsened the more you binge
  • Keep falling back into binge eating and guilt-eating
  • Not be able to develop self-compassion and a healthy relationship with food
  • Likely gain weight even though you try to diet as hard as you can

Don’t waste precious years struggling and going nowhere like I did. Learn from a dietitian who has the qualifications, knowledge, and the personal experience of struggling with binge eating but now has no urge at all the binge eat anymore!

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1 - Awareness

‘Awareness is the greatest agent for change – Eckhart Tolle’

  • Why Does Our Body binge Eat?
  • Am I ‘Broken’?
  • Is It Normal to Binge Eat?

Learning the ‘whys’ is the key to recognising how to prevent binge urges from coming,

Lesson 2 - Knowledge

Studies show that 95% of all diets fail  there are still binge triggers in your life. I’m not just talking about hunger…there’s more than you think! 

  • Why Your Hunger Hormones Are ‘Broken’
  • The Binge-restrict Cycle
  • The 3 Binge Triggers

Also learn how bingeing can ‘break’ your hunger hormone signalling

Lesson 3 - Action

Learn how to put an eat to binge eating urges for good with this specific eating pattern!

  • Re-regulate Your ‘Broken’ Hunger Hormones
  • How to Recognise fullness
  • The 3 ‘Mechanical Eating’ Principles
  • How to Portion Meals and Snacks Properly
Jonathan Sumner

I’ve Been There Myself…

I understand, because I have struggled and fought the war of binge eating myself for 5 years! I have tried every diet under the sun but always led me to gain weight no matter how much I tried to diet.

I just felt that I was not able to control my hunger! No matter how much I tried to get rid of the binge foods out of my house – Yes I cleared them out of my fridge and cupboards, I still had the urge to order takeaways or even run to the supermarket to buy binge foods!!

I had no control over food – Yes, even though I was a student dietitian back then – training to be an expert with food – food controlled me!

But everything changed once I learned how to re-regulate my hunger and understand WHY we binge eat in the first place!

Now I have 100% freedom and completely no urge to binge! I now: 

  • Can keep whatever foods I want in my house and have no urge to binge
  • Have developed trust that no matter what or how much I eat, my body will guide me to comfortable fullness and I stop there!
  • Feel stronger in my workouts
  • Have no more heartburn or bloating
  • No longer have to constantly buy new clothes and trousers because of their weight fluctuating all over the place
  • And FINALLY feel normal around food. Food isn’t controlling my life or my thoughts anymore

And I want that for you which is why this webinar series is for FREE!