The Dark Side of Instagram fitness – SARMS

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Body positivity for women is on the rise – however there is little body-positivity movement for men.

And increased pressure to meet these unrealistic standards – especially teenagers


Why is this a problem?

People going to the gym to improve themselves have goals to look like these men.

Not meeting these goals can lead to severe restriction, binging and purging, and over exercise – Hallmarks of eating disorders

But they claim to be natural!

Athletes can say they do not take steroids

    • But CAN claim natural whilst taking SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), AKA the steroid without the side effects.

    • Or artificial TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

The SARMS trick

1. Influencers on SARMS can have reduced baseline testosterone production – lower than an average male

2. Influencers go off a SARMS cycle then claim for TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) for life in TRT clinics

3. Causing increased testosterone and claiming ‘Natural’ whilst having unrealistic body standards!3. Causing increased testosterone and claiming ‘Natural’ whilst having unrealistic body standards!


    • Teenagers and young adults on SARMS are taking testosterone replacement therapy

    • Eating disorders come from unrealistic body standards from enhanced athletes

    • Especially in men, there is very little body-positivity and pressure to meet these standards portrayed online and on TV

    • Some fitness influencers are actually only posting their recycled, best photos, not actually their current physique

What can I do?

    • Unfollow fitness pages that show more ‘body’ than information

    • Focus on your own progress and be the best YOU can be

    • Enjoy your food and exercise!

    • Avoid talking about weight in conversations

This Post content was taken from an Instagram post @TheDieteticHeart

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