Why Saying No is the 1 best thing for your mental health!

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Saying No is a beautiful form of self care. Sometimes when we say yes to things we actually do not want to do but still do it to please people or be liked that can knock our self-care time down until we end up endlessly trying to care what other people think over our rest.

When you say ‘NO’, it is not considered self care when it is preceded by ‘I’m so sorry for/ I’m being annoying but/ You’re gonna hate me for this/…’. You never have to apologise for spending time to relax and care for yourself. It is the best thing for your mental health

Saying ‘NO’ makes others realise that your time is very valuable and they have to earn your time rather than throw you around.

Make them realize that you know your self-worth.

Say yes to things that excite you and say no to things when you need to focus on you

“I hope you find the strength to walk away from anything that no longer grows you, serves you, or makes you happy”


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