What to do When You Can’t Eat Due to Depression

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Take a MULTIVITAMIN and VIT D supplement on the days depression can be so crippling you cannot even prepare a single meal! ?

Depression can at times be so crippling during a flare up wherein you cannot even leave the room or preparing a meal may feel like a massive burden where you can’t eat due to depression.

When those days come, make sure you always take a multivitamin and vitamin D supplement to cover any nutritional deficiencies. Depression is associated with nutritional deficiencies – especially deficiency in vitamin D ☀️ Also known as the sunshine vitamin. It is known that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) may be related to vitamin D deficiencies in the UK particularly due to low amounts of sunlight – how we mainly get out vitamin D – leading to low moods.

When you get out of the crippling depression stages – opt for a diet high in fruits and veg, lean proteins, and brown starchy carbohydrates such as Wholegrain rice, wholegrain bread, or wholegrain pasta to fuel your energy levels and your mind! ?

If you get out of your crippling depression and out of bed. The next step starts here: Healthy eating for your depression. Go here to find out what foods you should eat to improve your depression

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