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Work with Jonathan

My mission is to support you to end binge eating, 24/7 food thoughts, food anxiety, and food guilt AND still keep the foods you love into your life so you can reclaim your life back once again

1:1 Online Consultations 

One to one sessions — perfect for those looking to laser-focus on their physical and mental wellbeing..

Loaded with real talk and real solutions, these sessions are online so you can get all the support you need in the space you feel most comfortable.

Through tailored nutrition plans and self-care rituals,
we’ll work together to develop practical solutions to help you improve your body and your mind for the long run to put an end to your binge eating

So. Ready to live your best life?

The Self-Guided Binge Eating Freedom Course

Do you prefer to start your binge eating recovery journey at your own pace but don’t know where to start? My binge eating freedom course would be perfect for you! 

It is paired with lots of educational videos, articles, quizzes, and worksheets that are revolving around CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) principles to reframe your mindset around food and learn how to regulate difficult emotions.

Call me Jonny, your dietitian, your coach, and your friend.