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I support men and women to end their binge eating, love their bodies, and regain their life again.

Oh, and I am also a recovered binge eater, over-exerciser, and previous emotional eater! I’m here to help you to stop obsessing about food and now I’m sharing those answers with you!

I believed that if I lost all the weight, that all of my problems would be solved... Until I realized it wasn't the bingeing that was the problem.

Here's a little personal story:

I told myself back then if I lost the weight, I would be happy...But being binge-free, gave me untapped happiness I could never have expected...

After being binge-free and finally reconnecting with my body and food, life is much better now than before I started bingeing. I now:

I’m truly happy now and my mission is to make you be the expert of your own health. To be the expert of your own recovery so you won’t ever have to struggle with your relationship with food again.

Call me Jonny, your dietitian, your coach, and your friend.